La nostra storia

We are a young Cocconatese reality, with land located mainly in the municipalities of Cocconato , Piovà Massaia and some properties of paternal inheritance in the municipality of Montiglio Monferrato .
The passion for the land and its fruits has always been present in the DNA of the owners, transmitted by the grandparents who carried out the activity of a farmer as a first occupation. The ancient cultivation techniques have been adapted to new needs, to improve the quality of the products that the privileged climate of the area further enhances: the cool summers, in fact, and the mild winters, due to the height of the Cocconato hills, together with the low yields, contribute to refining production naturally. All crops follow the regulation CEE 834/2007 , the so-called "biological" department, with consequent respect for biodiversity, production obtained with natural substances and processes and consequently the denial of the use of fungicides and fertilizers chemical. The certification body is ICEA. Since the spring of 2010, we have started a path of biodynamic that has led us to obtain the Demeter certification from 2013, with the use of spraying preparations, green manure, cumulation with biodynamic preparations and above all with a continuous and careful listening to what nature suggests to us.
This system of vine, hazelnut and horticultural farming has not resulted in our methods of I work great changes, perhaps because, mindful of the behavior of grandparents, we have operated over the years very similar to the rules dictated by community regulations.

The production of wine grapes , comes from the old vines of grandparents Ernesto and Luigi and new plants built in recent years, with a high ratio of stocks per hectare, three-year fertilization with cumulation and grassing with inter-row green manure essences: all characteristics of cultivation aimed at a quality crop; in fact, the yields never exceed 70 q. per hectare in the new plants, to go down further and naturally in the old vines.
The particular climate also helps in the bad years to reach a high standard production. The grapes are transported in the cellar with crates, to avoid mashing and immediately crushed with destemming.
The fermentation, which takes place without inoculation of selected yeasts but spontaneous, with the yeasts naturally present on the skins of our beautiful and genuine bunches, characterizes more the final product. The refinement occurs in steel, in large casks (30 q) or in barriques (225 l) depending on the product. The production of wine is focused on Barbera d'Asti , with small lots of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon ; in recent years we have added the Nebbiolo , the Grignolino and the Sauvignon Blanc of the new vineyard of Roasino . > Each vineyard is vinified separately, allowing realizations of "cru" such as the Barbera d'Asti "465" and "Four Rapet", the Monferrato Rosso "Nobilino" , The Varietal Wine Sauvignon Blanc "Saurì ... surlie" , the Piedmont Sauvignon "D'Or" , the Varietal Wine Cabernet Sauvignon "Poch" and the Piedmont Grignolino "Vigin" .

Come famiglia Macchia, gestiamo due locali in Cocconato e dintorni, dove potrete trovare i nostri prodotti:
La Cantina del Ponte, ristorante, enoteca e wine bar nella storica piazzetta Cavour di Cocconato, propone piatti della tradizione ed innovative sfiziosità.
La Cascina Rosegnana, agriturismo con mini appartamenti, propone la possibilità di godersi le nostre colline nella quiete di un Cascinale ristrutturato risalente al 1600.